Tonight, we went out for dinner with Grant and Danielle, and did a little exploring around downtown Calgary.

The view of downtown Calgary from Prince’s Island Park. We were going to explore the park more, but some rain interfered with those plans.
Devonian Gardens, on the 4th floor of a building in Calgary.
Prime Rib at The Keg steakhouse, medium rare.
We visited a burger joint called Regrub for milkshakes afterward.
Happy campers!
This milkshake was called a Potterhead. It promised sweet spells.
A cheesecake milkshake that came with a slice of cheesecake.
An art installation outside The Bow skyscraper.

4 thoughts on “Calgary

  1. Nice that you could spend time with Grant and Danielle … and that they could take you to see the Stampede, and some sights around Calgary!
    That meat looks pretty red still …. unless it’s just the photo!!
    Those milkshakes look pretty fancy, and almost a meal on their own 🙂
    Enjoy your last two days in Canada ….

  2. The milkshakes definitely look like a complete meal. Surprising you could fit anything in at all after the big steak. We like our steak med/rare, but that would have been a bit too rare. Enjoy your final days of your holiday.

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