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I know that a few of the blog readers can understand Indonesian, so for their sake and my practice, here’s an attempt at a post in Indonesian.

The English version is below the Indonesian.

Perjalanan ini sudah memberi saya banyak praktek memakai Bahasa Indonesia. Saya menikmati bahwa saya bisa berbicara dengan bahasa Indonesia.

Saya berbicara dengan sopir-sopir kami, penjual di pasar, dan pelayan di restoran. Walaupun bahasa Indonesia saya tidak dengan lancar, memakai apa pun bahasa Indonesia membuat orang berkata “Pintar! Bahasa!”

Seorang sopir kami tidak bisa berbicara bahasa Inggris dengan lancar. Saya pikir bahwa dia tidak mencoba kuat. Saat dia berbicara dengan bapak saya, biasanya dia minta untuk saya berkata bahasa Indonesia untuknya. Saya punya banyak praktek!

Saya pikir bahwa saya akan terus belajar bahasa Indonesia, tapi saya perlu terus praktek juga. Semoga saya bisa praktek, dan mungkin kami perlu pulang ke Bali.

And a rough paraphrasing in English:

This trip has been a great opportunity for me to practice my Indonesian. I’ve enjoyed being able to speak Indonesian.

I was able to use my Indonesian when speaking with the various drivers we had, when speaking with sellers in the markets, and when ordering food and interacting with the wait staff in restaurants. Even though I was not particularly fluent with my Indonesian, manging anything beyond a simple “Terima kasih” usually got a reaction of “pintar!” (“clever!”).

One of our drivers in particular did not speak very good English. I think a lot of the time he was being a bit lazy, preferring to ask me to translate rather than trying to work out what Dad was saying. I got a lot of practice from him, he was quite talkative!

Going forward, I intend to keep learning Indonesian. I also think I need to keep practicing, and maybe we’ll need to return to Bali for more practice!

PS: I’m finishing this post from our plane, while waiting to depart. Looking forward to getting back home!

One thought on “Bahasa Indonesia

  1. Thanks for that, Matthew,
    Very clever to be able to write in Indonesian.
    Yes, if you want to keep it up, you need to go there
    more often, but what about Timor, do they speak the
    same language there?

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