This morning, I got up early and wandered along the Oldman River in search of beavers. Finding them was easier than I expected, and the deer were active as well!

Up with the sun!
Apparently deer like swimming! Who knew!
More deer.
A beaver! They’re bigger than I expected, I think the beavers in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe are about the right size. I was expecting something the size of a housecat.
Eating wood?
They make short work of trees!

4 thoughts on “Beavers

  1. Nice to see all this wild life. Opa knew that deer swim. The beavers are bigger than we always thought.

  2. Wow …. so special to see all these different animals up close! I expected beavers to be smaller too. Nice to see a beaver “at work” 🙂

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