On The Road

Well, today was a reasonably long day of travelling. We’re finally in our campsite just outside Banff now, and settling down now. All up we did about 440km, but through some magnificent scenery. Since I was driving, I don’t have many photos of it, unfortunately. We also saw plenty of bighorn sheep.

At our highest point (Highwood Pass, 2206m), we were about the same height above sea level as Australia’s highest point, and still surrounded by many tall mountains.

Even with a 200L tank, we’ve made a few fuel stops. I believe we’re doing about 25L/100km.
A quick coffee stop in Greenford Recreation Area.
Most mountain roads follow the rivers.
Roadside flowers.
A stop in Canmore, surrounded by mountains.
More mountains around Canmore.
Boston Pizza for lunch!
Turns out they do things besides pizza too. This was a Most Valuable Burger.

6 thoughts on “On The Road

  1. We remember stopping in Canmore as well, a beautiful place surrounded by all the mountains. Banff is also awesome. Enjoy

  2. Looks so pretty seeing the snow-capped mountains all around the town!
    Enjoy Banff …. that is a popular tourist spot isn’t it?

  3. I love the roadside flowers, very special that they grow at the roadside.
    Everything is beautiful and to just walk there and be surrounded by mountains
    is magnificent.

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