Tunnel Mountain Village 1 Campground

Tonight, we are camped in Tunnel Mountain Village 1 in Banff, not to be confused with Village 2 or with the trailer court. This is a massive campground, with 614 sites, yet it does not feel crowded at all.

Parked up in yet another campground.
It feels pretty quiet, despite the many campsites.
Mountains are everywhere here! This is looking down the main road inside the campground.
There’s a loop walk around the three Tunnel Mountain campgrounds, over 6km long. I didn’t have time to do the walk, but I took a quick look.
Looking in the general direction of Banff.
We had some rain and even a smattering of hail this evening. All feels nice and cool and fresh now.

6 thoughts on “Tunnel Mountain Village 1 Campground

  1. Looks like another nice campground! Those mountains are really towering aren’t they? Must have been quite cold then, if you had the rain and hail, or not too bad?
    Enjoy your early morning trip to Banff …. hope you manage to beat the tourists 🙂

    1. It was more of a summer rain, with some thunder. It definitely hasn’t been too cold here, although at least it does cool down overnight.

  2. More camping in the Pines 🙂 The mountains all around is just amazing – such a beautiful backdrop! Hope you get to Banff on time – sounds like it’s a popular/busy place. No sleep-in!

    1. There’s a lot of Pines everywhere here! Turns out you need to be before 6 if you want to park at Moraine Lake, something to keep in mind if you ever come here in the middle of summer!

  3. Amazing all those high mountains. You stand in awe at God’s magnificent handiwork. Looking forward to some beautiful photos of Lake Louise.

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