Makan malam

A couple of fun nice photos from dinner last night. We went to to a place called Warung Magendra for dinner, and then finished up with coffees at a little warung right next to our hotel (Coffee Menari, which I’ve detailed in an earlier post). The coffees were great, probably the nicest coffees I’ve ever had in Bali.

Nicely set up place.
Mum ordered a banana lassi.
A beef burger. Annelise was caught by surprise, as the beef was more corned beef style, rather than a mince patty.
BBQ fried rice (Mum’s dinner).
Coffee at Coffee Menari.

One thought on “Makan malam

  1. The foods look delicious and so does the coffee.
    But was that from the jar next to it?
    I wonder what Matthew had?

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