Ubud Monkey Forest

I think that Dad was looking forward to visiting the Ubud Monkey Forest (or any monkey forest) most out of this entire trip. Today we did it!

After our early lunch at Warung Garasi we wandered down to one of the side entrances of the Ubud Monkey Forest. Dad deposited his previously-purchased painting in a locker so he would not have to carry it, and we purchased our entry tickets, carefully read the advice regarding how to treat the monkeys, and entered the forest.

Dad and Mum were happy to get to the monkey forest.
The first monkey we saw: Quick, let’s take a photo!
The monkey forest includes a number of temples and various statues.

Despite reading accounts of people who had been bitten by monkeys, had their belongings stolen, or otherwise had a bad time at the monkey forest, we didn’t encounter any of these problems. I also did not see anyone else have any of these problems, so I would suggest that as long as you keep the advice in mind, you are not likely to have any problems here.

A row of monkeys.
Happy posing for a photo.
Mum and Annelise watching Dad monkeying around.

Dad enjoyed playing a game with a monkey, getting him to guess in which hand he had a treat. He also saw an opportune moment to sit down and encourage the monkeys to climb on him, at which point a monkey quickly checked his pockets to see if he had any food in them.

Sharing a laugh with the locals.
The monkey just wanted the food.
What has it got in its pocketses?

Generally the monkeys just did their own thing: fighting amongst themselves, wandering around, picking up food, relieving themselves, and other things.

This one refused to share his corn.
Presumably the sign only applies to human visitors.

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  1. Well, this must have been your greatest holiday with lots of fun.
    Every day a new adventure and lovely meals and drinks.

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