Chinook Lake

After lunch, we went for a walk around Chinook Lake. It’s pretty spectacular, being a small but beautifully coloured lake, with a few mountains around. The walk around is only about half an hour.

Not sure which mountain this is, but it provides a great backdrop.
The water is incredibly clear.
The lake seems to be fed by a couple of small streams. There is a weir at one end, so I guess the lake is at least partially man made.
Fishing for rainbow trout.
There’s a new perspective around every corner.
Not sure what to caption this as, but it looks good.
The lake appeared really green in this corner.
First, let me take a selfie…
Chinook Lake.

5 thoughts on “Chinook Lake

  1. What a lovely lake! Very picturesque, and provides plenty of opportunity for beautiful photos …. towering mountains, tall trees, still water, etc. You must marvel every day at God’s awesome creation! Such a blessing to be able to see it all 🙂

  2. Beautiful areas again. You really see the greatness of God through His magnificent creation. Nice to have the privacy at the camping areas. It reminds us of Potter’s Gorge near Wellington Dam, except of course the trees are totally different, but there you also have your own picnic table and fire pit and it’s on a lake.

    1. I can’t make the comparison since I haven’t been there. Only problem with the lake here is that it’s at the bottom of a hill and the camp is at the top. Certainly a blessing to be here though.

  3. I love the last picture especially, the lake and the beautiful flower,
    you could win a prize with this picture!

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