Blog posts may be a little sparse for the next few days, since we have no mobile reception at our campsite (it’s in a valley). Taber itself is a fairly small town, mostly here to service the surrounding farms, I think.

Setup in the M.D. of Taber municipal park campsite. Neil (who’s wedding we are here for) had set up his tent here to claim a site for us a few days before.
I tried some A&W root beer finally. Although it’s an odd taste at first (a bit like medicine), I found it grew on me very quickly. Annelise won’t have any more, and Dad Van Dyk wasn’t too keen either.
Union Pacific! Looks just like the old trainsets I used to admire in Toyworld Albany.
Neil’s father had kindly lent us a “truck” for the few days we are in Taber. Much better than driving everywhere with the motorhome.

3 thoughts on “Taber

  1. Thanks for sharing some more photos. The campground doesn’t look quite as private as some of the previous ones you stayed at, no trees surrounding it. Enjoy the wedding on Saturday.

  2. Nice that Neil lent you that “Truck”
    Who is Neil, who is getting married, have a nice time.

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