Yesterday afternoon we spent some time in the village of Jasper. It feels like a typical tourist town and reminds me of a ski village (which is what it is in winter, I guess). I can’t say I was overly impressed with the village, it just felt overly geared to tourists, and captured some of the things I liked least about New York.

The village, as viewed from Whistlers Mountain earlier in the day.
Interesting clouds, just before it started raining. There was plenty of thunder and lightning too.
Looking down the one of the main streets in Jasper.
Plenty of trains about. This is a 1923 steam locomotive. Freight trains are coming through town constantly, and we saw the Rocky Mountaineer come through as well. There’s been an incredible amount of train traffic everywhere we’ve been, actually, I don’t think any of our campsites have been more than a few kilometres from the rail line.
An hour after thunder and rain it was sunny again. Icecream!

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