Wapiti Campground

We’ve moved camp! Although still in Jasper, we’ve moved from Whistlers Campground to the nearby Wapiti Campground. When booking, I couldn’t get the same site for 2 nights in a row.

Wapiti is similar and idea and layout to Whistlers, although only about half the size. Most importantly, some sites, including ours, are very close to the Athabasca River.

Our trusty motorhome, once again.
Looking from the river back to our motorhome.
The Athabasca River.
Roads through the campground. Everything is nice and wet because we just had a thunderstorm, rain, and a little hail. Despite that, it’s not cold.
A useful warning!

2 thoughts on “Wapiti Campground

  1. All very picturesque and interesting. Surprising that there is not more snow on the high mountain peaks. Isn’t Whistler where the winter Olympics were held some years ago? Do you travel all the way back to Calgary as you seem so much closer to Vancouver or are there more beautiful areas to see on the way? Enjoy

    1. It is the middle of summer, so I guess that would be why. If I went again to this area, I think I would probably aim for the first half of June: snowmelt flow would be at its highest and there would be more snow.
      Whistlers Mountain is next to Jasper and still in Alberta, while Whistler (no “s”) is in British Columbia and very close to Vancouver. We are back in Banff now, and hope to be back in Calgary tomorrow morning.

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