Whistlers Mountain

Today, we took the Jasper SkyTram to the summit of Whistlers Mountain, just above Jasper. The SkyTram takes you most of the way, but the actual summit requires a further 1.2km hike.

The SkyTram with Jasper village in the background.
Apparently, it’s called Whistlers Mountain after the animals, a hoary marmot. We were told they whistle when scared.
The top station of the SkyTram, viewed from part way up the hike to the summit.
Jasper village, viewed from above.
About two thirds of the way up the hike.
The summit! Someone else took the flag up with them, so I snapped a quick shot.
Looking south down the mountain range.
The way we came yesterday, the Icefields Parkway. Unfortunately, the smoke haze from fires in BC obscured some of the view.
Someone was having a lot of fun, although he would have had a decent hike to launch from the ridge line of Whistlers Mountain.
On the way down, I snapped the other car.
Looking up the tramway from the base station.

4 thoughts on “Whistlers Mountain

  1. Wow …. that’s quite a way up with the SkyTram! Nice views though!!
    Looks like there are a lot of motor homes touring around ….. looking at the carpark 😉

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