Whistlers Campground

This last night we’ve been camped in Whistlers Campground, just outside the village of Jasper.

Parked and getting ready to relax!
The central playground and theatre area. It’s a massive campsite, over 780 sites available all up.
The path to the single shower block for the whole campsite.
I went for an early morning walk on the path that goes right through the campsite. It’s about 2km long, one way!
I walked back along the perimeter road. It’s about 4km right around, although I didn’t do all that.
Beautiful time of the morning. I took a wrong turn at one point and ended up using Google Maps to get me back on track ASAP.
A couple of creeks run through the campsite.
Aspen forest, and a great time of the day to see it.
The path to the shining city of War Drobe, in the wondrous land of Spar Oom.

2 thoughts on “Whistlers Campground

  1. Another beautiful campground! Would be so relaxing camping there!! It would be great if we had more campsites like that in W.A.

    1. Yep. They could use more showers though! Actually, they’re planning to close Whistlers next year so they can renovated and put shower blocks in every camping loop.

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