Moraine Lake

After Lake Louise we had to take a shuttle to see Moraine Lake. I had hoped to arrive before the 7.30am time at which they close access to the lake (only allowing cars up when there are spaces in the car park), but it turns out they now do that from 6am (and the carpark is usually full earlier). Still, it was worth it!

The shuttle bus. I was excited about going on a yellow school bus, until I found that the leg room in there is appropriate for primary school kids.
Stamped and ready to go.
In case you ever wondered what a yellow school bus is like inside.
Moraine Lake (from the car park).
There’s a massive rock pile adjacent to the car park. You can climb to the top of it using this path.
The top of the rock pile gives you this well known view.
Yep, we both made it!
Thank for taking a photo, Mum!
The lake, again.
The water is really that blue. It’s due to suspended fine particles of rock (rock flour) apparently.
One last photo. You could hire a canoe for over $100/hour if you wished. We didn’t wish.

5 thoughts on “Moraine Lake

  1. Must be really nice to be able to see all of this. The water would be cold??? I suppose that during winter the whole lake would be ice??.

    1. Yes, the lake ices up from around November through to late May, I believe, although it can vary from year to year. The water was cold but not frigid.

  2. Wow …. that is just so awesome! What a beautiful view!! Such a pretty lake, surrounded by those towering mountains, and those tall trees. Makes a perfect picture 🙂

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