Peyto Lake

On our way up the Icefields Parkway from Lake Louise to Jasper, we stopped at Peyto Lake. This is one of the most photographed lakes in the Canadian Rockies, and it’s not too hard to see why. Of course, all the photos I had seen online didn’t show how busy the place was.

The access trail to the lake lookout.
Peyto Lake.
My best take of the Peyto Lake money shot.
Everyone else having their best shot at a photo.
It gets even busier when a tour bus arrives.

4 thoughts on “Peyto Lake

    1. Yep. It makes me wonder if there is a good time to visit and avoid crowds. Personally I’d probably like to go late spring, as snow runoff would be at it’s highest and hopefully crowds would be significantly less.

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