Amsa Warung

Last night we had dinner at a lovely little warung a few hundred metres north of our hotel. The warung was built and run by a local and his wife, who live out the back. The kitchen area is located below the dining area on the first floor. It was a lovely little place, and the food is top-notch!

Amsa Warung
Dad enjoyed himself.
Pork ribs: delicious!
Lights out the front of the warung.

As a fun bonus, when I asked for a latte, and was informed that the person who operates the coffee machine had already left, Mum piped up and said that I could make it myself. Our waitress (the owner’s wife) said she would go check, and sure enough, she came back a minute later and said that I could! I felt a bit of pressure, operating an unfamiliar grinder and machine, but I managed a coffee of sorts out of it!

Working out the machine and grinder!
Dessert: pisang goreng (banana fritters).

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