Campuhan Ridge Walk – Sunset

Yesterday evening, Dad and I walked along the Campuhan Ridge Walk located just outside Ubud. We took a slightly longer route to walk to the start of the walk, so it ended up being nearly a 3-hour walk in total.

Walking past rice fields as we walked into Ubud.

The walk is not the easiest to find, as you need to walk towards the entrance to some villas (Warwick Ibah), then down a steep slope and past a school, and finally take the narrow path on the right that leads to the walk, rather than the broad road over the bridge. The path skirts between a temple and a river, before finally climbing up to the ridge walk proper.

The walk gets quite crowded around sunset (which was pretty much a non-event).

Following this, there is also a swing where you can swing out over the valley and pose for photos. Swings seem to be the latest rage, and we’ve seen a few already, and there is even a place dedicated to a variety of swings.

Heading north.

Finally, we walked along the ridge until the end of the ridge walk, where it meets some warungs and home stay locations before finally giving way to a number of rice fields. Because of the deep river valleys between the ridges, the only way to get back to our hotel was to retrace our steps completely, as the next river crossing is quite a few kilometres north.

Dad enjoyed himself!

This morning, I got out of bed early to go for a walk, and ended up retracing our steps along the ridge walk and a bit further. The photos for that are still uploading, so I’ll put that in a separate post.

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