Campuhan Ridge Walk – Sunrise

This morning I left my nice cool bed and headed out into the warm outdoors! I intended to retrace my steps from the night before, but also to take a look at the early morning local markets (which give way to the tourist markets around 9am). There’s not too much to write about here, but I took plenty of photos!

Local markets are busy at 5.50am. This street (Jl. Raya Ubud) is just as busy during the day, but then there’s more tourists and less locals.
While the women shop, the men sit back and watch.
Plenty of villas alongside the river. It wasn’t quite as light as it looks in this photo.
Before the clouds set in, I could see Mt. Agung rising in the distance.
Detail on a building under construction at the end of the ridge walk.
The ridge widens out and allows for rice terraces following he end of the ridge walk.
Heading back, it was a little quieter than the evening before.
So much green!
The green is punctuated by a little red and other colours.
Starting to get a little busier.
Heading back through Ubud, I noticed this dog sleeping while he let his concrete counterpart keep watch.
Right near our hotel I found this very chill dog. He might have moved his eyes as I walked past.

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