Coffee Menari

We had a very late lunch today since we had to wait until nearly 2pm for our rooms to be ready. In hindsight, perhaps we should have just wandered off to find some lunch instead of hanging around waiting for our rooms, but we got the impression that if we just sat there for a bit, someone would come and fetch us. Which they did, but not until an hour later.

Coffee Menari

Since we were rather keen on lunch by that point, we went to about the closest little warung that we could find. In fact, it’s only a few metres north of the hotel boundary. It’s called Coffee Menari, and it had quite an ideal setting.

Sitting down to lunch.
The view of the rice paddies alongside our table.

Across the road and alongside the warung are rice paddies. Even better, they’re pretty close to harvesting at the moment, which means lots of long bright green rice plants. We saw some people working in them while we were having our lunch.

I took a closer look at the rice.

Lunch itself was also good. I tried a Balinese curry, which came with (I think) wild rice and was delicious. Dad was game enough to try a strawberry mint cocktail. There’s a few nice looking places around like this one, so we may not get back here, but I certainly wouldn’t mind if we did.

Balinese curry.
Mum had sauteed vegetables and tempe.
Strawberry mint mocktail.

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