After lunch we took a walk into the Ubud centre. Ubud is not the quaint agricultural rural scene that Dad imagined, but also very much geared towards tourists, at least in the centre. By the time you get to our hotel, which is only about 800m north of the centre, you’ve left most of the tourist traps behind. We headed into the centre as Dad had to change some more money and we wanted to take a quick look around.

Heading down to the Ubud centre. The street decorations (penjor) are in place because this is the Galungan and Kuningan ceremony period.

While Dad was changing his money, we witnessed our first traffic accident. It was very minor, thankfully. As best as I could tell, a car braked quite suddenly and the tourist following on a scooter behind hit the car, sending the rider sprawling on to the ground. Nothing more serious than some scrapes and bruises, I think.

Jalan Raya Ubud, the main road through Ubud.
Watching the traffic go by (moments before the little accident).

We also had a quick look at the Ubud markets, but everyone in there was in the process of closing up for the night. Despite this, the area was still packed out.

Packing up in the markets.

No doubt there will be a few more posts related to Ubud and surrounding areas as we explore this region over the next few days. Stay tuned!

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  1. Galungan and Kuningan make the streets so pretty! There’s a ridge walk you can do if your dad wants to get out of town 😅😍

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