Athabasca Glacier

On our way back to Banff, we stopped at the Athabasca Glacier on the Columbia Ice Fields. This glacier reaches most of the way to the road, and there’s a short walk that takes you most of the way to the toe of the glacier.

The hike up to the toe of the glacier.
A view of the glacier. The white cones are as close as you are allowed to go. Apparently you can fall into a glacial crevasse and your chances of rescue before you get hypothermia are not good.
This is the source of the Athabasca River, featured in my previous posts. Glacial meltwater is the main feed in summer, giving the river its milky white colour. Apparently, other time of the year, when it is fed primarily by snowmelt or rain, the river is much clearer.
It’s a rather desolate landscape. Reminds me a little of Queenstown in Tasmania.

6 thoughts on “Athabasca Glacier

  1. Interesting! I expected the glacier to be white though …. or perhaps it is further up!! It looks more like rock on the pictures. Must be quite cold there!

    1. The ice is more blue-ish further up, down the bottom it’s very brown, probably from people walking on it and wind blown dirt, I guess. I have better photos of other glaciers.

  2. Thanks Matt for the ongoing posts… we are reading them all with pleasure. You have seen much more of that part of Canada than most of us “Canadians” have. As others have said repeatedly … what an awesome part of God’s incredible handiwork!! Enjoy … and we’ll enjoy it through you.

    1. You’re welcome! I’ve been enjoying getting the posts up, as well as actually visiting all these wonderful places! Only a few days left, now though.

  3. What a pity you did n’t see the above pictures with snow, would have been so much
    prettier, we can show you ours when you are back.
    Have a Blessed Lord’s Day.

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