Athabasca River

As mentioned previously, last night we camped alongside the Athabasca River, and then today, we basically followed the River to its source for about 100km. A couple more pictures of the river at our campsite are below.

The river is heavily used for tourism.
Lots of debris washes up on the river banks.
There was an interesting spot just downstream from our campsite where some clear water flowed out of the ground and joined the river. You can see this clearly alongside the milky water of the river (from suspended rock particles in glacier meltwater).
Looking upstream.

2 thoughts on “Athabasca River

  1. It looks like a very fast-flowing river! What are the people on the river doing …. going over some rapids??

    1. Sight seeing, I think. You could also book white water rafting trips, but I think they use smaller boats for that, and maybe somewhere else?

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